We stock CO₂
into bicarbonates

Our technology allows the permanent storage of carbon dioxide in sea water through a natural compound called calcium bicarbonate


Inspired by nature

Carbon absorption processes occur naturally and are part of the carbon cycle. For millennia, they’ve kept the carbon balance of our atmosphere stable.

The main carbon dioxide deposits on our planet, in fact, are the seas and oceans.

Among these processes of absorption, it can be found the carbon geological cycle that can be simplified as follows: the hydrosphere’s water assimilates carbon dioxide and neutralizes its acidity thanks to carbonate rocks.

This phenomenon, however, is too slow to sustain anthropogenic emissions, which are constantly growing. Today, the sea and the biosphere are no longer able to balance the excessive amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which results in the greenhouse effect and a sharp increase in the acidification of sea water, endangering the entire ecosystem. 


Our solution against climate change

Limenet has designed, patented and engineered an innovative technology for carbon storage.

This technology works like this: from calcium carbonate, marine water and renewable electric energy, Limenet is able to transform the carbon dioxide collected from the atmosphere or other sources into an aqueous solution (pH 8.15 marine) of calcium bicarbonates.

By doing so, we obtain a durable and stable CO₂ storage solution within the sea and oceans.

This process not only stores carbon dioxide but, by dissolving carbonate compounds in sea water, increases the alkalinity, that is, the ability to resist changes in acidity levels, with possible benefits for marine biota.

Features of the
Limenet technology

All the reasons why our solution makes the difference


Technology covered by international PCT patent pending applications


Modular, programmable technology for gigaton storage


Uses a natural process that is only accelerated


Counteracts acidification of the seas locally, keeping the pH stable


Sooner certified by a third party via MRV according to ISO 14064-2


Stable between 10,000 and 100,000 years, no long-term monitoring needed




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