In 2018, a community of scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and experts

In 2018, a community of scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and experts

Linked by the dream of being able to give a response to the epochal challenge of climate change. The name of this community is Desarc Maresanus. The goal is to develop a solution that is both effective and sustainable, with the sea as a protagonist. From this experience comes the intuition to absorb CO through calcium bicarbonates.


In 2020, a pool of experts and researchers published the first scientific articles on the process for the generation of calcium bicarbonates through the union of carbon dioxide and calcium carbonates. It is the intuition behind the birth of Limenet technology.


In 2021, through a small workshop, we demonstrate that we can effectively remove CO₂ through calcium bicarbonates. From theory to practice. From research to enterprise. 


In 2022, thanks to the collaboration with Hyrogas, engineering company of Latvia, we realize an MVP in La Spezia: the technical-scientific evidences validate our technology and confirm the positive results in terms of storage of calcium bicarbonates at sea. 


In 2023 we started the design of the first production plant with operational storage capacity of hundreds of tons of CO/year. We have started the realization of our MRV compliant with ISO 14062-2 negative emissions certified by a third party through the use of blockchain technology.

Today Limenet is a deep tech benefit company that boasts industrial collaborations and international partnerships with the ambition to scale to giga-tons CO₂ storage technology in the form of bicarbonates. Limenet holds the same technology patents.

  • Limenet S.r.l. Benefit Corporation
    VAT number 04085430132

  • Registered office

    Via Filanda Maggiore, 5
    23851 Galbiate (LC)

  • Operational headquarters

    Corso Martiri della Liberazione, 152E
    23900 Lecco (LC)