Scientific papers

This part of our website (constantly in progress) is focused on scientific research. Here you can find articles, studies, research, and publications representing our technology’s scientific foundation. If you have any further needs, please feel free to contact us.

De Marco S., Varliero S., Caserini S., Cappello G., Raos G., Campo F., Grosso M. (2023) Techno-economic evaluation of buffered accelerated weathering of limestone as a CO2 capture and storage option. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change, 28:17.

Caserini S.Storni N.Grosso M. (2022).  The Availability of Limestone and Other Raw Materials for Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement. AGU Advanced Earth and Space science. Vol.36, Issue5

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Fu C., Cefis N., Cremonesi M., Perego U., Caserini S., Grosso M. (2022) Design of glass containers for submarine carbon storage. Packaging Technology and Science, Vol. 35, 3 259-271.   doi.org/10.1002/pts.2624

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Caserini S., Pagano D., Campo F., Abbá A., De Marco S., Righi D., Renforth P., Grosso M. (2021) Potential of maritime transport for ocean liming and atmospheric CO2 removal. Frontiers in Climate. 3:575900. doi.org/10.3389/fclim.2021.575900
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Summary of the speeches at the conference “The removal of CO2 from the atmosphere and the Desarc-Maresanus project”. Environmental Engineering, 7, 1, 42-50
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Caserini S., Dolci G., Azzellino A., Lanfredi C., Rigamonti L., Barreto B., Grosso M. (2017) Evaluation of a new technology for carbon dioxide submarine storage in glass capsules. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 60, 140–155.

Foteinis S., Andresen J., Campo F., Caserini S., Renforth P. (2022) Life cycle assessment of ocean liming for the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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