Limenet will implement an industrial pilot project at TRL 7 technological level.

The aim of the project is to validate and demonstrate the production of carbon-free slacked lime based on Limenet patented technology. The core of the technology is the electrical calcination of limestone and permanent storage of CO₂ in seawater in the form of bicarbonates. Carbon-free slacked lime could generate net zero emissions for hard-to-abate industries.

Pilot project metrics:

  • Maximum production of 150 kg/h of decarbonized calcium hydroxide
  • Maximum CO₂ storage rate of 220kg/h in the form of calcium bicarbonates

To move a step further and demonstrate negative emissions, the calcination process will be upgraded to using syngas generated from biodegradable waste according to a novel patented technology. The electric/syngas hybrid system will allow us to test and demonstrate carbon capture and storage technology at a cost-effective base depending on renewable energy sources’ geographical specifics. 



The hybrid system prototype is implemented in cooperation with Hyrogas, an international engineering company developing advanced fuel-flexible gasification technology. The Limenet calciner prototype will be set up as a back-to-back plug-in to the Hyrogas autothermal steam reformer. The Hyrogas waste reforming industrial prototype is financially supported by EU LIFE Integrated projects to demonstrate the end of waste syngas concept for the circular economy.  


Limenet will deliver the front-end-engineering design of an electric calciner and the design package for its upgrade to hybrid mode by applying syngas from the Hyrogas thermochemical reforming process for oxy-combustion calcination.  


Limenet and Hyrogas’ technological partnership will allow us to demonstrate unique technology on the market to integrate know-how of biogenic carbon conversation process, renewable energy source flexible calcination and permanent CO₂ storage.


2023 Q4 -2024 Q1


Jekabpils Municipality, Latvia